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Using a QR Code to get fans to your website? Make sure the Landing Page is PHone PHriendly.

Why create an 'app' that can only be read on a 'smartphone'? Why alienate fans wth just a 'flip-phone' or 'texting-phone'? Those phones can also read Quick Response Codes, and send the user to your Mobile Web Site.

PHone PHriendly can help you create a page that can be read on any mobile phone with a web browser on it. Use our "Name Tag" technology to deliver your web visitor to your Next Game immediately when they reach the site.

We do web sites, not apps
Any phone with a browser can get the latest scores. Not just those with a specific Operating System.

Visiting this page from your phone? Press the digit of the menu choice on your phone dial, and it will choose that menu item.

PHone PHriendly™ is the home of web pages that are friendly to the web browser on your mobile phone.

1 PHone PHriendly Home Page

2 Orlando City Soccer Club Schedule.

3 Copa.Mobi Mobile Web Site for the FIFA World Cup™

4 Orlando Magic 2016/2017 Mobile Schedule,
  or go directly to the Next Magic Game. (bookmarking the Direct Link is what makes the site PHone PHriendly)

5 Copa.Mobi, Our home of the FIFA World Cup®

Some of our other PHone PHriendly pages:

6 A Typical Conference Schedule, This was a computer conference in NYC in 2014.

The 2016 HOPE Conference.

7 Museums of Brevard, the museums of the Space Coast of Florida

8 Yuri's Night Party List, When you're looking for that party celebrating the first human to orbit the Earth, what internet access device do you have with you?

          Check out the clever bit, how we split the USA into a 0 to 9 Numeric Menu.

9 Space Launch Information, We're based near the Canaveral Spaceport. Tap the 1 button on any day there's a Launch from Cape Canaveral.

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